Blippi - Tonies Characters

Blippi - Tonies Characters


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Blippi and his friend Meekah love collecting fascinating facts, and this Tonie is full of them. All a curious kid needs to do is pop Blippi on top of a Toniebox, hop aboard the Blippi Mobile, and get ready to visit some amazing new places.

Age 3+


List of titles:

01 - Road Trip To The Construction Site! Ft. The Excavator Song

02 - Road Trip To The Farm! Ft. The Farm Song

03 - Road Trip To The Moon! Ft. Outer Space

04 - Road Trip To A Pirate Ship! Ft. X Marks The Spot

05 - Road Trip To The East African Savanna! Ft. The Safari Song

06 - Road Trip To The Outback! Ft. The Outback Song


Running Time

approx. 65 minutes



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