Living nature owls

Living nature owls

Living Nature

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With their beautiful eyes, fluffy feathers and unique characteristics, this gorgeous collection of soft toy owls is an adorable gift for children who love wildlife or even an adult who loves these majestic nocturnal birds. Includes; Long-Eared Owl, Barn Owl, Snowy Owl and European Eagle Owl.

Owls are known for being incredibly silent hunters. They have excellent hearing, sharp talons and are very good pilots, meaning their prey has very little chance of escaping. They’re nocturnal animals, which means they only hunt at night. There are five types of owls found in Britain, the Barn Owl, Little Owl, Tawny Owl, Long-Eared Owl and Short-eared Owl. They all live in woodland areas and nest in trees, old buildings and cliffs. Keep an eye out if you’re walking through a forest! 


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