Sticker Pics -Funny Faces

Sticker Pics -Funny Faces
Sticker Pics -Funny Faces

Big Jigs

SKU: TR60308

Tiger Tribe’s Funny Faces stickers for kids is a fun and easy craft for kids. Kids need to choose a face sheet and stickers to create their own silly, funny faces.

With eight face templates, three colour sheets and lots of stickers to choose from, funny faces will be brought to life in seconds! Crazy moustaches, pieces of fruit and strange features can all take centre stage with this arts and crafts for kids activity.

Sticker Pics packs are designed with portable play in mind. No mess or stress required! Ideal for keeping little hands occupied when travelling or for gifting to school friends.

Sticker Pics - Funny Faces product features:

  • 8 colour templates
  • 3 PVC colour stickers sheets
  • Suitable for 3 years +

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